Where Can You Send Clients For Vaccinations and absolutely the best travel health care in Perth?

Finally having your own well deserved holiday?

Need to get a yellow fever vaccine for entering countries in South America or Africa?

Are your travel clients seeking peace of mind when travelling to exotic or even dangerous locations?

The expert and friendly team of doctors and nurses at Travel Medicine Centre Perth can provide you and your travel clients with all the vaccinations, medications, and information required to ensure you maximise those precious days of their next trip overseas.

Some numbers to make you think-

  • For every 100 000 travellers going to a developing country for a month:
  • Over 50 000 (that's right- more than half) will have a new illness or health problem,
  • 8000 (one in twelve) will need to see a doctor, either while away or on their return home,
  • 6000 (one in sixteen) will stay in bed for at least a day and miss significant parts of their trip.
  • Luckily only 400 will end up in hospital,
  • 10 will catch HIV/AIDS,
  • And just 1 will die.

It's a big, exciting and sometimes dangerous world out there and we can make sure your travellers enjoy every minute of it! Get yourselves and your travel clients prepared by referring them for an appointment. While everyone else is sitting on the loo having copious diarrhea and feeling miserable with themselves, the intelligent, sophisticated, organized traveller who has been to Travel Medicine Centre Perth has taken their emergency antibiotic and is having an adventurous day out on the town.

Special Deal for travel agents who are travelling themselves!

For all those agents who are heading overseas, we are happy to inform you that you get a special deal where we will waive the private consultation costs for your visit, while still receiving our usual great competitive rates for vaccinations and medications (we will need your valid medicare card number for this to apply). Save up to $100!

Even if you are not travelling, you are welcome to come and visit our practice, have a cup of coffee and grab some information about health needs for your travellers. Or if you need some advice (free!) from our friendly staff about any issues relating to health requirements for people travelling overseas, email us at contact@travelmed.com.au and you will receive up to the minute information.