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Dear Doctor,

To assist you in providing up-to-date travel health information to your patients, the medical staff at Travel Medicine Centre Perth are pleased to offer the GP Assist Service to you.

The service works as follows:

  1. Simply ask your patient to complete the accompanying Health Plan (save as pdf file).
  2. Fax or post the completed form to us.

Once this information has been received, medical staff at TMCP will fax or post specific written recommendations concerning vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and other health issues back to you.

If you fax the completed form to us, we will endeavour to send a response within six hours. Should you require this more urgently (e.g. patient is waiting with you) please mark urgent and we will respond as soon as possible. Requests sent by email may take longer as this service is not manned at all times.

Please note that the fee for this service (payable by the traveller or surgery) is $15.00 plus GST ($16.50 total).

If you require further copies of the Health Plan please ask our receptionist, and if you require more information, please contact the duty doctor.

We are also pleased to accept referrals for all of your patients' vaccination and travel health needs.

Yours sincerely

The Staff of Travel Medicine Centre Perth