Note: Prices are correct at August 2021, but are subject to change.

Travel Medicine Centre Perth: Travel Health Products

Our range of first aid kits, mosquito repellents, nets, etc includes the following (inc GST)

Mozzie Protection

RID Tropical roll-on or spray 100ml$9.90
RID for Kids 60ml (use for sensitive skin)$7.70
REPEL Junior roll-on 60ml$8.75
REPEL Tropical roll-on 60ml$9.65
REPEL Tropical stick 25g/75g$6.55/$9.90
REPEL Tropical spray 60ml$12.05
Mozzie Net, compact single$34.95
Mozzie Net, compact double$44.95
Mozzie Net, single$55.95
Mozzie Net, double$65.95
Permethrin treatment kit (Debugger)$21.95
Permethrin Insect Headnet$11.95

Food And Water

Medium Sanitising Hand Gel (100-120ml)$8.95
Pocket Hand gel (60-70ml)$6.60
Steri Pen$87.99
Fill2Pure 725ml Stainless$56.90
Fill2Pure 800ml plastic bottle$55.00
Go Fresh Straw$35.00
Micropur Forte (Chlorine Tabs)$29.95
Iodine Tablets$19.60

First Aid Kits

REC 1$22.95
REC 2$37.95
REC 3$66.95
Blister Kit$28.95
Reef Rash Kit$39.95
Burn Kit$44.00
Emergency Trauma Kit$37.95