Note: Prices are correct at August 2021, but are subject to change.

Travel Medicine Centre Perth: Prescription Packs

Rx 1 Prescription Pack $48.50

Ideal for short-term travel:

  • Rehydration salts
  • Antidiarrhoeal tablets
  • Antibiotic for bowel & bladder infections

Rx 2 Prescription Pack $76

Contents include all the medications of the Rx 1 plus:

  • Antibiotic for Protozoal infection (giardia)
  • Antinausea tablets
  • Medication to reduce stomach cramps

Rx 3 Prescription Pack $120.50

Contents include all the medications of the Rx 2 plus:

  • Antiseptic throat lozenges
  • Antibiotic for sinus, throat, chest infections
  • Anti-inflammatory plus a moderate pain reliever
  • Antihistamine

Corporate Rx Prescription Pack $132

Contains all the medications of the Rx3 plus:

  • Short acting sleeping tablet
  • Mild painkiller

Can be clipped inside the Corporate First Aid Kit.

Rx 4 Prescription Pack $165

Contains the medications of the Rx3 plus:

  • Mild painkiller and strong pain reliever
  • Short acting sleeping tablet
  • Antifungal cream
  • Eye and Ear antibiotic
  • Mild acting laxative

Our largest Prescription Pack, for "off the beaten track"

We also sell a range of First Aid Kits, including:

Corporate First Aid Kit $78

First aid and emergency trauma kit, including needles and syringes for personal emergency use, a sterile suture and a selection of dressings. All stored in a soft zippered bag.

Medications are available separately, including Diamox ($10) to treat altitude sickness and Azithromycin ($20.00) for travellers' diarrhoea (useful for South/Southeast Asia, South America). Our kits contain prescription medications, so by law they must be prescribed by a doctor. Our Doctor will discuss your health history and allergies to ensure that the medications you purchase are suitable. We sell these medications for your convenience, but if you prefer to purchase them from your local pharmacy, ask the doctor for a prescription. GST will be added to Corporate invoices.

Excellent information regarding travel health issues can be found on our website: